1. Privacy and personal data protection notice

EDP respects the user’s privacy, the protection of their personal data and their security.

The user must be informed about the way in which EDP will use their personal data for the purposes of recruitment and selection. This Privacy and personal data protection notice should be read carefully, due to which it is written in a clear, simple and accessible manner, allowing for it (the information) to be easily understood by the user.


2. Scope and Accountability of the Notice

This Notice applies to all personal data belonging to candidates to posts gathered by EDP by means of the “About me” online platform, whose finality is sole and exclusively that of recruiting and selecting for management, technical or trainee posts in all the locations it has a presence in.

For all due purposes, EDP Energias de Portugal, S.A., EDP Valor – Gestão Integrada de Serviços, S.A. and the EDP company carrying out the respective specific selection process are jointly responsible for the treatment of this data (see the identification of EDP companies in the Annual accounting report, available in

I, the proprietor, hereby AGREE to the terms and conditions of this privacy and personal data protection policy, and I further AUTHORISE, in an express, informed, free and unequivocal manner, to the treatment of my personal data by those responsible, and for the ends detailed above.

I further hereby declare being of LEGAL AGE in the terms of the applicable Law, and that the information supplied is true, exact, complete and updated.


3. How is the recruitment processed?

Candidates may apply for a post at EDP in all the locations where it has a presence by means of an online application system called “About me”, which is available 24 hours per day, with the exception of limited periods reserved for technical maintenance tasks.

Candidates create their own profile, and they may apply for jobs at EDP.

The personal information is added to a central “About me” file, which is stored in data centres located within the European Union.

This treatment may be carried out by subcontractors or service providers that are qualified and based in the European Union, authorised only to treat personal information in the terms and conditions pre-defined by EDP, and in rigorous fulfilment of the legal regulations about personal data protection, information safety and other applicable norms.


4. Does EDP share the data?

During the course of the recruitment process, any personal data belonging to the candidates may be transferred from the country of origin to EDP companies located in other geographical locations, in keeping with the security conditions in place as per each country’s applicable law.

EDP recruiters may have access to the profiles of the candidates in the different locations, as well as to match said candidates with vacancies within their area of responsibility.

In cases where the recruiters are located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), EDP guarantees the proprietor of the data that the aforementioned international transfer of data is carried out in keeping with the applicable norms in force.

Staff members and others using “About me” to treat personal information pursuant to their duties will only have access as needed, according to the ends for which the data is used and for the execution of their duties.

Personal information belonging to the candidates will be used exclusively by EDP, and it will not be divulged or ceded to third parties.


5. How long does EDP store the information for?

EDP stores the personal information belonging to the candidates for the amount of time needed to carry out the ends for which they were gathered, in compliance with the storage times defined by the applicable local legal norms.

All candidates are encouraged to keep their information up to date, and they are within their right to have said information deleted at all times.


6. Does “About me” use cookies?

Cookies are small packages of information issued for your computer or mobile device when visiting a website (“site”).

Cookies are sent back to the original site - or to any other site recognising that cookie - during each subsequent visit.

Cookies are useful, as they allow for a site to recognise a user’s device, allowing for said user to efficiently browse between pages, as they store your preferences, and this improves the user’s overall experience.

Some cookies issued by the “About me” Web server only last one web session, and expire when the browser is closed.

Other cookies are used to remember you when returning to a site, and they have a longer duration.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You may alter your browser’s settings to stop or notify whenever a cookie is defined.

For more information about cookies, including how to view which cookies were defined in your device, and how to manage and delete them using different browsers, visit

Activating, deactivating and deleting cookies may also be carried out through the web browser. To do this, follow the instructions provided by your browser (normally located within the options “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit”). Deactivating a cookie or a category of cookies does not delete the cookie from the browser; this must be done manually within the browser.

Blocking or deleting cookies used by EDP might restrict the use of the site’s functionalities.

We use the following cookies:

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7. How is personal information protected?

EDP has a number of technical and organisational measures in place that are designed to protect your personal information, including secure servers, firewalls and data encryption for applications and your communications with “About me” through the Internet.


8. What rights does the proprietor of the information have?

As proprietor of the information, the user may access, update or alter their personal information at any time within the “About me” system. In the same way, the user may delete or request the deletion of their information for any reason directly within “About me”, or by sending an e-mail attaching a certified copy of valid photograph ID to:


Contact us:

For any issues relating to the privacy and data protection policy, you may contact us by sending an email to  or in by writing to:


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