Developing People





"We invest in the potential of our employees."

We see the development of our employees as an integrated, complex, and robust cycle that begins on their very first day at the Company and energizes itself over time.

For EDP, the development of an employee is a comprehensive process through which his/her skills and abilities evolve not only through training, but also through diverse experiences and a culture of constructive feedback.

Welcoming and Integration

EDP employees are welcomed and integrated into the company through networking activities, training, and other initiatives. We strive to teach new hires about the company's values and culture as well as share information about our business and industry.


EDP University is an employee-led and taught training curriculum created to develop employee skills, share knowledge generated within the Group, and maximize the capabilities required to ensure business sustainability. At EDP, we create courses tailored to our employees' training needs and build structured development programs to guide our employees' careers.


In an international and diverse group such as EDP, you can find space for new experiences that will bring personal fulfillment and professional development. Our employees can join the Switch program, a global-scale mobility program with several short- and long-term opportunities, depending on the company's needs and projects.

Transfer of knowledge between generations

The EDP Group is undergoing a generational renewal process. For this reason, we have been cultivating and recognizing the knowledge and expertise of our most experienced employees, leveraging critical knowledge transmission mechanisms.