Attracting Talent





"We want the best."

We believe that the right people in the right places can make a difference within an organization. That's why we actively search for and try to recruit the best talent for the various opportunities available at EDP Group around the world.

We invest in the dissemination of the initiatives and opportunities available within the EDP Group. We seek to attract prospective candidates with an increasingly relevant presence on digital channels.


We foster a close relationship between our company, industry partners, the academic community, and others that share our vision of energy for the future. For example, in Europe, we have developed networking initiatives where universities, students, and our employees can share their know-hows and experiences. Throughout North America our employees are engaged in trade organizations, community groups, and industry roundtables.


Competition can be healthy, fostering the development of skills and enabling our Company to identify potential candidates. This is why we challenge university students with initiatives such as the EDP University Challenge or EDP PowerTrade University Competition.


Around the world, we have built and continue to build strategic partnerships with educational institutions and other organizations to train and attract talent for positions in all levels of our organization. 

Internship Opportunities

We seek to build a closer relationship between candidates and the labor market by offering several kinds of internship programs in the various countries where we operate. Additionally, in Portugal, we have also developed the EDP Trainee Program which is a benchmark training program in the market.