País/región:  IT
Población:  Milán

Collaborate actively in the development of engineering designs in the different phases: pre-design, basic engineering design, executive project of the PV Plants and Substations at country level in coordination with local and corporate teams assuring the most optimized designs and the inclusion of all technical specifications in their most upgrade version to guarantee technical suitability and technical and economic efficiency.

Create and implement best practices engineering vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve business performance.


Main Accountabilities



  • Engineer Manager responsible for the project and in direct contact with the Business Unit.
  • Execution of the development of engineering and designs in the different stages: pre-design, basic, executive and tender project, supervise technical feasibility of those ones assuring EDPR technical standards and project specific conditions.
  • Ensure strong communication between local E&C teams and Corporate Areas to facilitate exchange of information and to implement change, improvements and best practices



  • Support the elaboration of the specifications for basic and executive projects; supervise the technical adequacy of them, ensuring the compliance with EDPR standard and other specific project restraining in close coordination with Corporate Areas.
  • Provide specialized technical support in the tender processes and assists E&C teams and, if only indirectly, Purchasing Department in the negotiation to guarantee the best technical-economic conditions in the awarding.
  • Support delivery of all technical aspect of projects including yield assessment, geotechnical, grid connection, technology selection, engineering design and constructability related to EDPR solar and substations projects;
  • Review equipment supply and technical proposals from contractors;
  • Capex estimation


STUDIES COORDINATION: Coordinate and validate with other Technical Support Units the execution of specific key studies (collector system, reactive power compensation, foundation design, noises, or others) for its integration in the engineering project, to minimize the risk associated to the construction process.

PROVIDERS AND SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT: Establish relationships with the main suppliers and providers for the whole value chain in order to include the most efficient technical and economical options to the engineering designs for each site.

COMMON STANDARDS: Assure the application of the common standards in the studies and projects, supervising its adaptation to applicable local regulation, to avoid non-justified deviations and maximize the investment efficiency with all the technical warranty needed. Detects the inconsistencies of EDPR standards to adapt them to company reality.

COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Understand and apply policies to prevent occupational hazards, environment and quality to ensure implementation and compliance on tasks under their responsibility.

EDPR INTERESTS REPRESENTATIONS: Represent EDPR to agencies and institutions, public and private, in matters relating to its jurisdiction to enforce the interests of EDPR.


Required Profile



  • Engineering master’s degree
  • Languages: Italian, English, Spanish is a plus


  • Minimum of 3 years with experience in design and/or redaction and/or revision of different kind of projects for PV Plants and Substations.
  • Experience in managing and supervision of engineering projects.
  • Coordination of Providers

LANGUAGES: English, Italian, Spanish is a plus


  • Electrical Expertise
  • Normative and regulations
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • PV Case
  • Substations SLD
  • GIS
  • Excel

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