País/región:  IT
Población:  Bari



Be the Ultimate Responsible of the asset to Maximize the profitability of the assets assigned; managing: 1. P&L and key drivers that are linked with Asset Value creation, 2. project SPVs, 3. key contracts and obligations, 4. shareholders and stakeholders’ relationships. Be the focal point to all matters related to the asset, coordinating, and assessing the support from other departments to guarantee they can efficiently provide their services for the project, and lead internal initiatives to drive long-term asset returns.



1. P&L and Financial Management:

  • Coordinate the yearly Budget preparation process by collecting, analyzing, and agreeing on the inputs from the different departments and areas (Opex and Capex), presenting the results and explanations to the other levels of the organization.
  • Support on elaboration of management reports to follow-up on companies’ performance, from different perspectives: financial, technical, energy market, etc.
  • Ensure periodic follow-up of P&L, production & expenses with regards to the approved budget, challenging the variations and obtain forecasts and recovery plans with the respective functional departments.
  • Track progress of main cash and debt performance drivers with Finance department, ensuring that these are kept under control. Coordinate proper action plans are set with the remaining areas in case of deterioration of Project Finance covenants, including upfront communication with shareholders.


2. Environmental, Health & Safety:

  • Ensure compliance with health & safety labor and environmental laws, legal and internal requirements, supported by the respective departments.
  • Lead contracting process and follow-up the necessary periodic and extraordinary demands as a result of the general compliance above mentioned, such as safety audits, noise studies, bats and birds and any other environmental restrictions to its respective producibility.


3. Operation & Maintenance:

  • Periodically review asset technical performance with responsible wind/solar O&M team, such as availability, external losses, issues from subcontractors, major corrective interventions, inspections, HSE incidents.


4. Contract Management:

  • Manage key commercial terms of all contracts in force with the respective technical areas that deal directly daily obligations from subcontractors, ensuring proper fulfillment of subcontractor obligations, and deciding in due time for extension or new request for proposals before expiration of original contracts.
  • Review and approve invoices from transmission companies regarding grid connection agreements where applicable.


5. Stakeholder Management:

  • Lead the relationship with any public or private stakeholder, taking take care of the interests of the asset.
  • Coordinate or manage communication & sponsoring initiatives at local level.
  • Manage and drive resolution of claims arising from local stakeholders, involving Legal dept and other areas as required (TV, noise, local taxes, etc.).
  • Provide support on institutional affairs and communication departments to all demands that could affect the asset, such as authority inspections, mandatory public hearings, public awards, etc.


6. Land Lease Management:

  • Manage and ensure best relationships with landowners and ease the resolution of disputes.
  • Manage land rights and negotiate any required addendum to the existing agreements.
  • Manage payment of land rights, maintaining its respective tools and database.


7. Energy Management:

  • Monitor PPA fulfilment in medium and long term, cooperating with Energy Management dept to adopt the best strategy to avoid penalties.
  • Close approach to Energy Management dept to ensure that short-term exposure from production variations is monitored and minimized whenever possible.
  • Manage and report about the proper functioning of the energy measuring equipment to grant a reliable source of data and follow the sale of Energy obligations.
  • Challenge differences between energy measurement and actual invoicing and ensure these are cleared before process deadlines.
  • Manage the reimbursement of Transmission System curtailments, ensuring an adequate level of refunded revenues and coordinate other departments to maintain high level of compliance.
  • Manage auxiliary electricity supply contracts, checking the related invoices and developing related monitoring tools.
  • Monitor and identify causes for variations between actual peak power and maximum contracted transmission grid use where applicable.
  • Monitor and propose actions in case of long-term reduction of actual energy volume in comparison to the minimum committed values in the operation permits where applicable.


9. Insurance Management:

  • Elaborate incident claims and compile documentation for the insurance company.
  • Follow-up on claim incidents with the relevant counterparts.


10. SPV Administration and Shareholders Management:

  • Local Asset Operations reference for other departments in collaborating on SPV administration.
  • Approve landowner and other periodical payments.
  • Submit and present progress reports to SPV’s external shareholders.
  • Coordinate decision making process of relevant SPV events that requires shareholders’ approval, such as dividend payouts, additional equity stakes, etc.
  • In case of asset sale, be the key point of contact with new owners with regards to management of Transitional Service Agreements.


11. Business Efficiency:

  • Monitor and track with M&A department the evolution of asset long-term returns in comparison to expectations approved during investment decision, analyzing the causes for impairment, and proposing recovery plans.
  • Investigate on business efficiency improvement opportunities over the portfolio, present business cases for management approval and drive implementation of the selected improvement initiatives.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement asset management processes by leading specific improvement projects aiming cost reduction, productivity and/or lifetime extension.






Business School, Engineering or University Degree




5 years of professional career. Experiences are welcome either in project management, construction management or operation & maintenance positions.




  • English (required)




  • Communication and influence
  • Collaboration & networking
  • Problem solving and decision making.
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project management
  • Leadership of transversal teams
  • Global vision

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